The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.20.19
Ep 994 | 12.20.19

Pegasus and Pakistan. What’s in Legion Loader. Threats to financial markets. Seasonal scams. What would Clippy do?

Show Notes

Pegasus may have appeared in Pakistan. Legion Loader packs in six bits of malware in one Hornets’ Nest campaign. Someone may have hacked Bank of England press releases to give them a few seconds’ advantage in high-speed trading. Frakfurt, in the German Land of Hessen, is clearing its networks of an Emotet infection. Some seasonal, topical scams are circulating. And what would Clippy do? Craig Williams from Cisco Talos with a look back at 2019's most serious vulnerabilities. Guest is Bob Ackerman from Allegis Capital with insights on the cyber security VC environment.