The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.3.20
Ep 996 | 1.3.20

Escalation in the Gulf as a US air strike kills Iran’s Quds commander. Travelex and RavnAir continue their recovery from cyberattacks. Taiwan’s memes against misinformation.

Show Notes

The US and Iran trade fire in Iraq, and a leading Iranian general is killed in a US airstrike. A corresponding escalation of cyber operations can be expected. Currency exchange Travelex continues to operate manually as it works to recover from what it calls “a software virus.” There’s speculation that the RavnAir incident may have been a ransomware attack. And Taiwan adopts an active policy against Chinese attempts to influence its elections. Johannes Ullrich from the SANS Technology Center on vulnerabilities in Citrix NetScaler installations. Guest is Derek Manky from Fortinet on what to expect in AI for 2020.