The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.7.20
Ep 998 | 1.7.20

No more Iranian cyberattacks since the minor weekend vandalism, but the US Government advises all to look to their defenses. Fancy Bear is the usual suspect in Austria. A guilty plea by an insider threat.

Show Notes

The kittens haven’t scratched much so far, but the US Government and others are warning organizations to be alert to the likelihood of Iranian cyberattacks in retaliation for the combat death, by US missile, of Quds Force commander Soleimani. Fancy Bear is the usual suspect in the case of the Austrian Foreign Ministry hack. Patch your Pulse Secure VPN servers if you’ve got ‘em. ToTok is back in the Play Store. And there’s an executive who turned out to be an insider threat. Robert M. Lee from Dragos with a look back at 2019 ICS security issues. Guest is Tom Tovar from AppDome on mobile API security.