Hacking Humans 4.28.22
Ep 194 | 4.28.22

The dark side of business email attacks.

Show Notes

John Wilson, Senior Fellow Threat Research at Agari by HelpSystems, discusses business email compromise attacks, Joe shares three stories on different types of scams, the first being a mystery shopper scam, where the scammer tries to get you to buy gift cards at a grocery store, the second one is on, scammers posing as DTE Energy representatives, seeking bill payments, and the final one is about someone showing up to a victims door and demanding money to collect “Money owed” for a family member, Dave's story is on criminals who are using apple pay to scam their way into going on spending sprees, our catch of the day comes from listener Jon, who shares how two men claimed to be owed money after Jon's death, when in fact, John was very alive.

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