Hacking Humans 6.16.22
Ep 200 | 6.16.22

The great resignation and data exposure challenges.

Show Notes

Abhik Mitra, Head of Portfolio Strategy at Code42, shares the findings on Code 42's 2022 Data Exposure Report (DER). Joe breaks down a story that follows a couple in Westlake, where the woman was called about a supposed warrant out for her arrest, and how she was told that she needs to provide thousands of dollars in order for the police to not come and arrest her. The story describes how her fast-thinking husband was able to figure out the scam and get in touch with real authorities. Dave's story delves into Facebook and a phishing scam that ended in a threat actor stealing 1M credentials in 4 months. Our catch of the day comes from listener William who received an email about a new laptop that he supposedly bought through PayPal. He shares why he knew it was a scheme right away, and hopes to make this information known so others know what to look out for.

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