Hacking Humans 6.30.22
Ep 202 | 6.30.22

The top 10 brand names most likely used in a phishing scheme.

Show Notes

Omer Dembinsky, a Data Research Manager from Check Point Research, joins Dave to discuss their Brand Phishing Report for Q1 2022 and how DHL, Maersk, and AliExpress were all in the top 10 list. Joe and Dave have some listener follow up from the 200th episode discussing how many redirects are too many. Joe has two stories this week, the first on how Instagram (Meta Platforms) was hit with multiple lawsuits from the Beasley Allen Law Firm over exploiting young people for money. The second story is about social media addiction, and how companies are making the platforms deliberately addictive. Dave's story is on your internet fingerprint that you leave behind, and how easy it is for websites to know everything about you and your computer settings. Our catch of the day comes from listener Pablo, who shares about a scammer contacting him through text trying to receive money for coronavirus insurance.

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