Hacking Humans 7.7.22
Ep 203 | 7.7.22

Human errors and why they're made.

Show Notes

Josh Yavor, CISO at Tessian, joins Dave to discuss a new report they released on cyber mistakes and why employees make them. Joe and Dave share a listener follow-up from Jon, who writes in about mental illness, a serious epidemic taking over the nation. Jon shares interesting tidbits on social media linking to mental illness and the impact it's creating. Dave's story is on hackers trying an old trick with new mechanics: impersonating well known companies. This time, hackers are posing as Quickbooks. Joe's story describes how LinkedIn users are being targeted yet again. These fraudsters are now creating significant threats to users, according to the FBI. Finally, our catch of the day comes from listener Jennifer, who writes in and shares her story of a scammer using SMS to tell her that her Venmo account was hacked, even though she does not have one.

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