Hacking Humans 7.21.22
Ep 205 | 7.21.22

Extortion scams and the LGBTQ+ community.

Show Notes

This week, Carole Theriault sits down to talk with Paul Ducklin from Sophos on extortion scams targeting LGBTQ+ communities. Joe and Dave share multiple pieces of listener follow up, the first from Matt and Kevin, who write in to share a Wikipedia link regarding N.B. (Nota Bene, or note well) and an ad from 1801. The second one is a write in from someone who is referred to as "P," who shares more information on the Facebook link shortener discussion. Finally, Joe and Dave get a great piece of listener feedback from listener and friend of the show Jonathan, who writes in about resist fingerprinting and how Firefox doesn't block fingerprinting. Dave's story is on trafficking victims being forced to scam people. Joe's story is on a credit union being targeted for phone scams. Our catch of the day comes from listener Ian, who shares how his son was trying to get college housing accommodations and went through Facebook, only to find out that not everyone is as trustworthy as they seem.

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