Hacking Humans 7.28.22
Ep 206 | 7.28.22

A return to office means a return to email scams.

Show Notes

Romain Basset, Director of Customer Service, at Vade joins Dave to discuss the threat of initial contact spearphishing emails now that many employees are returning to the office. Dave and Joe share some listener follow up from listener Will who writes in about a troubling debate over if it should be "Joe and Dave" or "Dave and Joe." Will shares a website about ablaut reduplication, sharing his thoughts on the matter. Joe shares some good news following a story of a homeless man being robbed of $400,000 after a GoFundMe scam. Joe's story is on a woman who loses almost $150,000 over the phone with someone claiming to be a DEA agent. Dave's story is on a woman who gets scam calls up to 20 times a day. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2021, and can't afford to miss any calls from potential doctors or possible nurses trying to schedule appointments. Our catch of the day comes from listener Alex who writes in sharing how his Apple ID was hacked and locked, although the scammers got one crucial detail wrong, his email.

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