Hacking Humans 8.4.22
Ep 207 | 8.4.22

Making the world a safer online place.

Show Notes

Raj Sarkar, CMO from 1Password and Julien Benichou, Senior Director of Partnership, Strategy, and Execution from Gen.G, join Dave to discuss making the online world a safer place and talk about helping reduce the risk of gamers being the target of hackers. Joe and Dave share some followup from listener Ryan who writes in about the catch of the day from last week's episode, and what struck him most with the scam. Dave's story is on how the government was able to seize millions in stolen cryptocurrency. Joe's story is on a scam involving diamonds and how one scammer was caught, now sentenced to 12 years in prison. Our catch of the day comes from listener Jeremy who writes in about a suspicious email he received from one of his mothers friends. She wrote him asking if he could buy her gift cards and she would pay him back. He shares how he dealt with the scammer and informed his mom, one of her friends emails may have been compromised.

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