Hacking Humans 9.22.22
Ep 213 | 9.22.22

The rise in fraudulent online content.

Show Notes

Guest Jane Lee, Trust and Safety Architect from Sift, joins Dave to discuss the rise of fraudulent online content and fake crypto platforms. Dave and Joe share some listener follow up regarding the debate over "mum" versus "mom" and who speaks which pronunciation more. Dave has two stories this week, one story follows a Twitter thread about a man who shared his story about selling a desk on Facebook and the dangers that come with that. His second story is about how hackers are using a clever new phishing technique to create email threads with multiple responses to trick potential victims into thinking bogus messages are legitimate. Joe shares the story of the new way hackers get information, positioning themselves in the middle of your browser between the server and your computer. Our catch of the day has a little bit of everything from Peter, who writes in about an email he received that pulled out all of the stops to get him to give over his information.

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