Hacking Humans 10.6.22
Ep 215 | 10.6.22

What is cyber quantum computing?

Show Notes

Pete Ford from QuSecure sits down with Dave to discuss what exactly cyber quantum computing is, what it means for the country, and how other countries are using quantum. Dave and Joe share follow up on 2 stories, one Bleeping Computer reports, discussing the teen that hacked Uber and Rockstar Games has been arrested. Second, we share some listener follow up from last episode about medical documents being shared and how easy it would be to falsify your identity to obtain children's documents. Dustin, a Registered Health Information Management Technician, shares his thoughts on the matter. Dave's story follows the FCC’s new plan to require phone companies to block spam texts from bogus numbers. Joe has the story on how two Abbotsford residents lose approximately forty six thousand dollars in a bank scam. Our catch of the day comes from listener Joseph who shares a strange email he received from a scammer claiming to be PayPal, which could have seemed real if it weren't for a few mistakes Joseph found to be peculiar.

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