Hacking Humans 11.10.22
Ep 220 | 11.10.22

New laws and the effect on small businesses.

Show Notes

Kurtis Minder, CEO of GroupSense joins Dave to discuss how ransomware new laws leave small business behind. Dave and Joe share some follow up on Elon Musk after his big purchase and the changes that now follow. Joe's story follows Kalamazoo County residents and a new scam that is popping up, where they are being targeted by scammers through Facebook messenger video calls. Dave shares a story that hits home for him about an email that his father received from Best Buy claiming that he will be charged $500 for Geek Squad services. Our catch of the day comes from an anonymous listener who writes in to share an email they received from a Mrs. Phong Dung, who wants to send 1 million to the person who received the email. The receiver knows this email is a fake and writes into the show to ask Joe and Dave if these emails ever actually work on anyone.

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