Hacking Humans 12.1.22
Ep 222 | 12.1.22

A vishing competition and a Black Badge holder.

Show Notes

This week, Carole Theriault is interviewing DEFCON Black Badge holder Chris Kirsch from RunZero on the recent DEFCON 30 vishing competition. Dave and Joe share some listener follow up from 3 different listeners, who share stories on disposable email addresses, as well as a little insight on a Best Buy scam mentioned in a previous episode. Joe's story is on gaming companies and whether or not they have to stoop down to stemming growth in cheats, hacks, and other types of fraud to keep customers coming back. Dave's story comes from his father, he has two stories, one involving a gift card scam and an email compromise of a family member’s account. The other involves a fake invoice for tech support services. Our catch of the day comes from listener Felipe, who writes in asking Joe and Dave to make sense of the email he received saying that his refund was recalled from someone claiming to be the "Secretary for International Finance of United States Treasury Department."

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