Hacking Humans 12.15.22
Ep 224 | 12.15.22

Disinformation and verification.

Show Notes

Kaspars Ruklis, the Program Manager for Media Literacy from IREX sits down with Dave to talk about the very verified media literacy program. Dave and Joe share some listener followup on some of the business' common language, this week, listener Vicki asks about the term "EULA" and what it stands for. Joe's story follows a scam that is particularly alarming around the holiday's, about fake barcodes on gift cards. A former police officer found this scam as she was trying to check out with a gift card and the cashier pulled off a fake barcode. Dave's story is all about scammers who are getting scammed. The story follows cybercriminals who are using hacking forums to buy software exploits and stolen login details and how they keep falling for cons and are getting ripped off thousands of dollars. Our catch of the day comes from listener Connor who shares an email that is so suspicious, Gmail put a warning on it. It's a very interesting email explaining that the receiver has been hacked and the scammer requires $1200 in bitcoin to not take advantage of the receivers accounts.

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