Hacking Humans 1.19.23
Ep 228 | 1.19.23

The front lines of ransomware attacks.

Show Notes

Rohit Dhamankar from Fortra’s Alert Logic joins Dave to discuss the decline in ransomware attacks and lessons learned from the front lines. Dave and Joe share some listener follow up from Keith regarding Dave's story from last episode and how he recognizes the scams being mentioned and offers his opinions on the matter. Joe shares two stories this week, one about his ironclad gift he gave to his wife, with his second story following the buzz surrounding OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT, their new interface for their Large Language Model (LLM) and how it works. Dave's story also follows ChatGPT in a different direction. His story is on the latest popular app and its rise to fame in the app store, now charging users almost 8 dollars to use the AI technology. Our catch of the day comes from listener and friend of the show Joel who writes in about how he was contacted at his place of business by a "DEA agent" who claims Joel was committing malpractice, and if he wanted these charges to go away he would need to pay $2500.

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