Hacking Humans 1.26.23
Ep 229 | 1.26.23

Outsmarting the scammers.

Show Notes

Nadine Michaelides from Anima People sits down with Dave to discuss preventing insider threat using behavioral science and psych metrics. Joe and Dave share some follow up regarding a Facebook scammer who is targeting Joe, as well as a letter from listener Richard who write in about business emails and the compromised warning signs they send about dangerous emails coming from outside the company. Dave shares a story about hackers who are setting up fake websites to promote malicious downloads through advertisements in Google search results. Joe's has two stories this week, one is about the latest scam in the parking ticket realm, and the second story follows West Virginia police warning residents of a Walmart scam where the scammer send you a "free 50 dollar Walmart gift card." The catch of the day comes from Penny who writes in about a scam that almost sucked her in through an email from "McAfee."

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