Hacking Humans 2.2.23
Ep 230 | 2.2.23

A war on commerce.

Show Notes

J. Bennett from Signifyd discusses the fraud ring that has launched a war on commerce against US merchants over the past few months. Joe and Dave share some listener follow up from Jon who writes in about an email he almost fell victim to. Joe shares two stories this week, the first on how scammers were seen posing as tech support at two US agencies in an attempt to hack their employees. Joe's second story is on a woman trying to steal 2.8 million for an elderly Holocaust survivor. Dave's story follows how an ad scam was able to break through over 11 million phones. Our catch of the day comes from husband and wife, Chad and Jen, who write in sharing a scam that Jen almost fell for. An email from "iTunes" confirming a payment of over $100 hit the music lover's inbox that she didn't authorize. The scammers went on to explain the rules behind the payment, making sure to include that if she did not make this purchase to notify them immediately.

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