Hacking Humans 2.9.23
Ep 231 | 2.9.23

A boom of infostealers and stolen credentials.

Show Notes

Keith Jarvis, Senior Security Researcher from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), shares his thoughts on the alarming rise of infostealers and stolen credentials. Dave and Joe share some listener follow-up from Ron who writes in about a book, entitled "Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons" by Carey Parker, which he finds as a helpful resource when it comes to cybersecurity. Dave's story follows password management companies and how they might not be as safe as what we presume them to be, most notably the LastPass breach in the last month. Joe has two stories this week, his first on a 19 year old TikToker who was arrested for running a GoFundMe scam while portraying on the popular social media app that she was diagnosed with 3 different types of cancer. Joe's second story is on Marines outsmarting artificially intelligent security cameras by hiding in a clever way that the AI could not recognize. Our catch of the day comes from listener Tim, who writes in about an old scam with a new twist, and how he was able to figure it out.

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