Hacking Humans 2.23.23
Ep 233 | 2.23.23

Password managers and their benefits.

Show Notes

Corie Colliton Wagner from Security.org joins to discuss the company’s research of password manager tools and their benefits, identity theft, and the market outlook for PW managers. Dave and Joe share quite a bit of follow up from listeners Mitch, Neville, and Richard. Mitch writes in to share about gift card scams, and Neville and Richard both share their thoughts on the pros and cons of having a cloud-based password manager. Dave's story is about employees around the globe and their internet habits inside the workplace. Joe's story follows a new release of data from the FTC on romance scams, including the top lies being told by scammers. Our catch of the day comes from listener Gordy, who writes in about an email he received regarding a new position scammers are trying to fill in an open job.

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