Hacking Humans 3.16.23
Ep 235 | 3.16.23

Changing the face of identity.

Show Notes

Eric Olden, Chief Executive at Strata, sits down with Dave to discuss the changing face of identity; where we’ve been, where are going, and the bumps along the way. Dave and Joe share some listener follow-up from Michael, who writes in about advertisements on YouTube and other social networks claiming magical results. Dave's story follows a new tool released by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to help with slow and stop the spread of sextortion of minors. Joe's story is on a LinkedIn post by Gary Warner regarding why we have so much fraud. Our catch of the day is from listener Shon, who writes in about an email they received about “Meta Resources Recruiter” informing them of an open “CISO Lead role.”

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