Hacking Humans 3.30.23
Ep 237 | 3.30.23

Seeking employment fraud?

Show Notes

Kathleen Smith, CMO from ClearedJobs.Net sits down with Dave to talk about how job seekers are susceptible to employment fraud. Joe and Dave share some listener follow up from Steve, who writes in to share a scary and frustrating story as hackers were able to scam their way into his and his wife’s Verizon Wireless account. Dave's story follows giveaway scams, which are scams that impersonate celebrities and brands, most notably Elon Musk and the companies he is associate with, to try and get victims to believe they have won a large sum of cryptocurrency. Joe's story is on a scary development in the AI world, regarding family emergency scams. Scammers are now using AI to enhance the believability. Our catch of the day comes from a listener named Jim who writes in about a scam he came across in his spam folder from a "Sgt. Nolla E. Donald" who wants to give him millions of dollars to keep safe while she fights over in Iraq.

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