Hacking Humans 4.6.23
Ep 238 | 4.6.23

Protecting against financial cybercrimes.

Show Notes

Keith Houston, Chief Prosecutor in Financial Cybercrimes at Harris County District Attorney's Office in Houston, TX, shares some scams that have come through his office and advice on how to protect yourself. Dave and Joe share some follow up from listener Nevile, who writes in about a news story he came across regarding pendrive bombs, wondering what you do if you're a reporter and someone sends you a scoop in a pendrive. Joe has two stories regarding AI, and how scammers were able to use AI software to clone voices the victims would recognize and then con them out of thousands of dollars. Dave's story is on a new report stating that the most common combosquatting keyword is support. Our catch of the day comes from listener Shawn who writes in sharing an email they received from their company’s HR team, warning them of a suspicious package that has been circulating around the office.

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