Hacking Humans 4.13.23
Ep 239 | 4.13.23

Inside the history of a child hacker.

Show Notes

Paul Dant, Illumio's Senior Director for Cybersecurity Strategy and Research, is sharing how his history as a child hacker informed his thinking today. Joe and Dave share some listener follow up from Anthony, who writes in about a scam from the app Nextdoor, regarding scammers trying to upgrade Xfinity customers using their computers rather than the usual method, which throws up red flags. Dave's story this week follows a principal from a Florida science and technology charter school who mistakenly wrote a check for $100,000 to an Elon Musk impersonator. Joe's story is on email compromise, and the increase we have seen in the last several months, including an "increase in ‘novel social engineering attacks’ across thousands of active Darktrace/Email customers from January to February 2023." Our catch of the day comes from listener JP, who writes in regarding a suspicious looking email they received from "Norton" saying they will increase the price of their service being used.

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