Hacking Humans 4.20.23
Ep 240 | 4.20.23

Lazarus Group: Breaking down the evolution.

Show Notes

This week, our guests are Jean Lee and Geoff White from BBC and the Lazarus Heist talking about what is coming up in Season 2 of their show and how the Lazarus Group is evolving. Joe briefly discusses Generative AI before going into his stories for this week. Joe's first story comes from Lauren Jackson from WBRC who writes in with a disturbing tire scam causing businesses to lose thousands. Joe's second story is from David Sentendrey from KDFW, who shares a story about a woman who fell victim to a romance scam loosing $75,000. Daves story follows a casino scam in Colorado, which was the largest heist in the states history. Our catch of the day comes from listener Morten who received a confusing message regarding an inheritance payment fund.

Links to stories:

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