Hacking Humans 5.11.23
Ep 242 | 5.11.23

Remedies for infectious computers.

Show Notes

Our guest, CW Walker, Director of Security Product Strategy at SpyCloud, joins to discuss post-infection remediation and ransomware defense. Joe compliments one of his least favorite big tech companies. Joe and Dave share quite a bit of follow-up; one from listener Clayton who writes in about “fast idiots” from a previous episode. The other is from listener Robert, who writes in about the wallet versus smart phone debate, and which is safer. Joe shares a few stories this week, all regarding ATM scams and lost or stolen credit cards including his own sons ATM nightmare. Dave's scary story is on the latest hot topic in the cyber industry: AI, and how families are being scammed by believable voice AI to sound like loved ones. Listener Michael shares this week's catch of the day on an IRS scam he came across in his email.

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