Hacking Humans 5.25.23
Ep 244 | 5.25.23

Bringing in the human side of scamming.

Show Notes

Nick Percoco from Kraken sits down to discuss the human factor of crypto scams, including going over common red flags and what to do when a third party is exerting pressure that taps into a human emotions. Listener Sean writes in with some follow up to discuss the increase in AI scams and if people would be more likely to talk about falling for these scams as AI becomes better and better. An anonymous listener also reached out with some follow up regarding there experience with corporate ID theft. Joe's story follows the report on "dark patterns," and what they are. Dave's story is on people who got hired as customer service reps, but instead helped lure in lonely and lovestruck through a network of dating and hookup sites. Our catch of the day comes from listener Gareth who shares his catch of a phishing scheme from the "NSA."

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