Hacking Humans 6.15.23
Ep 247 | 6.15.23

Replier attacks: the latest tool in a hacker's arsenal.

Show Notes

This week, Jeremy Fuchs from Avanan joins Dave to discuss how hackers are using replier attacks. Replier attacks are attacks in which hackers change the reply-to address to send emails from what appears to be a reputable company, when in reality it's a spoofed account. Joe and Dave share some follow up from listeners Wayne who writes in with some comments on episode 245, and listener Michael, who writes about his first ChatGPT experience. Dave's story follows the alarming new trend happening, where sextortionists are making AI nudes from people's social media images. Joe's story uncovers the social engineering trick hackers use from their personal scammers handbook. Our catch of the day comes from listener Tim, who shares a message from a "dear friend."

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