Hacking Humans 9.28.23
Ep 251 | 9.28.23

Stealing your car's identity.

Show Notes

This week our guest is, Sam Crowther, Kasada CEO, he's sharing his team's findings on "Stolen Auto Accounts: The $2 Price Tag on Your Car’s Identity." Joe and Dave share some listener follow up from Steve who writes in sharing an email he thought to be a scam, but turned out it was real. Listener Derek writes in with a question regarding AI and phishing emails. Joe's story comes from Proofpoint as they share their 2023 State of the Phish report. Dave's story follows an email that was sent out saying that the receiver has had a sexually explicit video leaked to an adults-only website, and to remove the video in question from the site, the receiver can send $200. Our catch of the day comes from listener Tony who writes in to share an email he and his school received claiming that the person who sent the email found pornographic material on the schools website.

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