Hacking Humans 8.24.23
Ep 256 | 8.24.23

Hunting the hackers.

Show Notes

Selena Larson and Tim Utzig discussing "Twitter Scammers Stole $1,000 From My Friend—So I Hunted Them Down." Joe and Dave share a bit of follow up this week, they discuss Hawaii fire scams, and listener Steve writes in regarding some comments about the recent scammer quiz Joe and Dave took, lastly listener John writes in and shares his thoughts on a discussion a couple weeks ago regarding Google Maps. Joe has two stories this week, one is regarding how Joe was close to being scammed by a fake website, the second story is from listener George who wrote in this week sharing about the Bank of Ireland and the latest banking scam causing a technical issue tricking people into thinking they had money, when they really didn't. Dave's story is from the FBI, on a new scam where people are being tricked through mobile beta-testing applications. Our catch of the day comes from listener Richard, who writes in with a "a new tip on Crypto."

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