Hacking Humans 8.31.23
Ep 257 | 8.31.23

Exercise caution: online shopping edition.

Show Notes

Oren Koren, CPO and Co-Founder of Veriti, is discussing the need for vigilance and caution when navigating the online shopping landscape. Dave and Joe share quite a bit of listener follow up, one listener writes in for some clarification on the "AI versus AI" episode regarding Google giving their source code so they can do business in China, when in fact it was 2 other companies. Listener Miguel brings our next bit of follow up, he writes in to discuss financial crimes and shares a story based on a story shared on the show. Our last piece of follow up is from listener Will, who shares a way to expand your website links the best way that works for him. Dave's got the story on an Amazon ad in Google search that looks so real, it's been scamming people redirecting visitors to a Microsoft Defender tech support scam that locks up their browser, the one that Dave had to help his father with a couple weeks back. Joe's story follows a Cambridge shed builder who thought he was getting an award, when in fact all he got was a scam. Our catch of the day comes from the European union agency for cybersecurity that received a suspicious looking email from Ebay.

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