Hacking Humans 9.14.23
Ep 259 | 9.14.23

The online dating world is a jungle.

Show Notes

Andrew Hendel, CEO at Marshmallo, joins to share tips to safeguard your feelings and identity in the online dating world. Dave and Joe share some listener follow up from Gareth, who writes in to discuss strange emails he has been receiving. Dave's story follows a woman who was spared jail time after being manipulated by hackers into money laundering. Joe's story is from listener Doug who wrote in to the show to talk about the site he is in charge of and discusses a website he uses called "Buy me a coffee," where his viewers can buy him a coffee, and how he has been experiencing some weird instances with the payment methods of that website. Our catch of the day comes from listener Brandyon who shares an interesting way he was offered to make $600 a week.

Links to follow-up and stories:

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