Hacking Humans 10.19.23
Ep 262 | 10.19.23

Scoring cybersecurity in the NFL.

Show Notes

Joe Oregon, Chief of Cybersecurity at CISA, sits down to discuss the tabletop exercise that CISA, the NFL, and local partners conducted in preparation for Super Bowl LVIII. Joe and Dave share some listener follow up from Rory who wirtes in to talk tin foil hats. Joe's story shares the interesting finds after conducting a cybersecurity survey at ISI. Dave's story follows the 77 year old woman, Marjorie Bloom, who ended up losing over $600,000, her whole lifes savings by falling for a common tech scam. Our catch of the day comes from listener Damien who writes in with an email from the "federal reserve bank of USA" to inform him that he has received a car with $16.7million attached to it and he needs to claim it.

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