Hacking Humans 12.7.23
Ep 267 | 12.7.23

Small, medium, and large phishing trends of 2023.

Show Notes

Mike Price from ZeroFox sits down to discuss what 2023 phishing trends mean for the broader industry as we quickly approach 2024. Dave and Joe share a serious write in from listener Michelle who shares her pleads for her aunt, who she believes is being catfished. Listener Marc also writes in with an email that claims to be from "Walmart," that he is quite suspicious of. Joe's story follows Meta, and how they have designed products to target and harm kids. Dave's story is on bad bots and the dangers they pose with fake businesses that are maximizing their illicit earnings. Our catch of the day comes from listener Konstantin, who shares and email received from scammers claiming to be "McAfee," trying to get payment of almost $600.

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