Hacking Humans 1.4.24
Ep 271 | 1.4.24

The DNA dilemma: Unraveling a 23AndMe breach.

Show Notes

Alethe Denis from Bishop Fox is talking with Dave and Joe with her take on the 23AndMe breach. Dave and Joe share some follow up from listener Michael, who writes in to share thoughts on our catch of the day from last episode, regarding the voice mail from Spectrum. Dave shares a story on email security, and how human factors have a heavy influence on it, especially with people's vulnerability to phishing and social engineering. Joe has two stories this week, his first story is a good wrap on the holiday's and gift card scams. Joe's second story is a jump on tax season quickly approaching, and how the IRS is helping taxpayers by providing penalty relief. Our catch of the day is a good example of what not to do when phishing/scamming people, luckily the receiver was smarter than the sender.

Links to the stories:

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