Hacking Humans 1.11.24
Ep 272 | 1.11.24

Password Perils: The threat of credential stuffing exploits.

Show Notes

Frank Riccardi sits down to discuss how cybercriminals exploit people’s fondness for reused passwords to launch credential stuffing attacks. Dave and Joe share a bit of follow up, one from a listener named Steve who shares some push back from the 23andMe story from last week, and the other from a listener named Michael who shares a story of unpaid toll scams. Joe shares the story of a Utah exchange student and how he fell victim to a cybersecurity kidnapping, and now authorities are trying to figure out how it happened. Dave shares a scam about tragic fake posts that lead to a "win now" website, that has been flooding his Facebook feed. Our catch of the day comes from Jon who writes in to share a suspicious email that made it through the spam filter in Google.

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