Hacking Humans 1.18.24
Ep 273 | 1.18.24

It's the intricate deceptions that get you.

Show Notes

This week we are joined by the host of T-Minus, N2Ks very own Maria Varmazis brings her own story and discusses with Dave and Joe. We start off with Joe, and he brings in the story of Andy Cohen and how he fell victim to a credit card scam and shares what he had learned through the experience. Maria shares Arctic Wolf Labs' story and how they have investigated several cases of Royal and Akira ransomware victims being targeted in follow-on extortion attacks dating back to October of 2023. Lastly, Dave shares his story warning YouTube users about videos promoting cracked software that is distributing Lumma Stealer. Our catch of the day comes from listener Jon, he shares and email that had made it through his spam filter.

You can hear more from the T-Minus space daily show here.

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