Hacking Humans 1.25.24
Ep 274 | 1.25.24

Phishing for mail.

Show Notes

Abhilash Garimella from Bolster joins to discuss a USPS phishing campaign abusing freemium dynamic DNS and SaaS providers. Dave and Joe share some follow up, one was from listener Mike who wrote in to tell us about a breach at Resend, another was regarding a previous episode on grief and the internet, and finally Joe and Dave discuss a listeners response to a previous episode regarding an SMS scam a listener wrote in about. Dave shares a story on Walmarts relaxed security methods and how scammers may be exploiting them. Joe shares a couple articles relating to the ever growing pop star Taylor Swift and how criminals are using her face to scam. Our catch of the day comes from Joe this week, and he shares an interesting looking email he received from "Apple."

Links to the stories:

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