Hacking Humans 2.22.24
Ep 278 | 2.22.24

Scamming the innocent.

Show Notes

This week we are joined by Maria Varmazis, host of the N2K daily space show, T-Minus. She brings us a scary story from a woman who never thought she'd ever be scammed. Dave and Joe shares some follow up before getting into their stories, they share a story from a listener who sent in a LinkedIn link about scammers targeting Walmart. They also share a question from listener Cynthia, who asks about bank scam covered before, and how to respond to these scams. Dave shares a story from an anonymous source this week, who writes in about the dangers of crypto scams. Joe has two stories for us this week, the first one being from a friend of his that works for a company that specializes in military contracts. This company was hiring an employee and received three emails that all were very similar to one another, sharing that this is a red flag and wanted to write in to share the dangers of this scam. The second story is a very similar story to the one covered on Andy Cohen a few episode ago, and shares how a Jefferson county couple were scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our catch of the day comes from listener Thomas who shares a story on AI voices sounding like famous people and his experience.

Links to the stories:

You can hear more from the T-Minus space daily show here.

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