Research Saturday 7.18.20
Ep 143 | 7.18.20

Every time we get smarter, the bad guy changes something.

Show Notes

Researchers at Symantec identified and alerted customers to a string of attacks against U.S. companies by attackers attempting to deploy the WastedLocker ransomware (Ransom.WastedLocker) on their networks. The end goal of these attacks is to cripple the victim’s IT infrastructure by encrypting most of their computers and servers in order to demand a multimillion dollar ransom. At least 31 Symantec customer organizations have been attacked, meaning the total number of attacks may be much higher. The attackers had breached the networks of targeted organizations and were in the process of laying the groundwork for staging ransomware attacks.

Joining us in this week's Research Saturday to discuss the report is Jon DiMaggio of Symantec. 

The research can be found here: