Research Saturday 9.5.20
Ep 150 | 9.5.20

Going after the most valuable data.

Show Notes

A look at the realities of ransomware from Sophos, including an industry-first detailed look at new detection evasion techniques in WastedLocker ransomware attacks that leverage the Windows Cache Manager and memory-mapped I/O to encrypt files. A complementary article examines the evasion-centric arms race of ransomware, providing a months-long review of how cybercriminals have been escalating and markedly changing evasion techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) since Snatch ransomware in December 2019. 

The research also breaks down the five early warning signs organizations are about to be attacked by ransomware and why ransomware attacks continue to occur.

Joining us on this week's Research Saturday to walk us through the research and share their findings is Sophos' Principal Research Scientist Chet Wisniewski and EVP & Chief Product Officer Dan Schiappa.

The media alert and research articles can be found here: