Research Saturday 10.17.20
Ep 156 | 10.17.20

Intentionally not drawing attention.

Show Notes

Bitdefender researchers recently uncovered a sophisticated APT-style attack targeting an international architectural and video production company. The attack shows signs of industrial espionage, similar to another of Bitdefender’s recent investigations of the StrongPity APT group. The real-estate industry is highly competitive, and information exfiltrated by APT mercenary group can give negotiation advantages to other players in high-profile real-estate contracts.

While APT groups traditionally could only be afforded by governments or were financially motivated purely out of self-interest, they recently appear to have become a commodity.

Joining us in this week's Research Saturday to discuss the research is Global Cybersecurity Researcher Liviu Arsene from Bitdefender.

The research can be found here: