Research Saturday 12.5.20
Ep 162 | 12.5.20

SSL-based threats remain prevalent and are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Show Notes

While SSL/TLS encryption is the industry standard for protecting data in transit from prying eyes, encryption has, itself, become a threat. It is often leveraged by attackers to sneak malware past security tools that do not fully inspect encrypted traffic. As the percentage of traffic that is encrypted continues to grow, so do the opportunities for attackers to deliver threats through encrypted channels.

To better understand the use of encryption and the volume of encrypted traffic that is inspected, Zscaler's research team, ThreatLabZ, analyzed encrypted traffic across the Zscaler cloud for the first nine months of 2020, assessing its use within specific industries. The study also set out to analyze the types of attacks that use encryption and the extent of the current risk. 

Returning to Research Saturday this week to discuss the report is Zscaler's CISO and VP of Security Research, Deepen Desai.

The research can be found here: