Research Saturday 11.6.21
Ep 208 | 11.6.21

An incident response reveals itself as GhostShell tool, ShellClient.

Show Notes

Guest Mor Levi, Vice President of Cyber Practices from Cybereason, joins Dave Bittner to discuss her team's work on "Operation GhostShell - Novel RAT Targets Global Aerospace and Telecoms Firms." In July 2021, the Cybereason Nocturnus and Incident Response Teams responded to Operation GhostShell, a highly-targeted cyber espionage campaign targeting the Aerospace and Telecommunications industries mainly in the Middle East, with additional victims in the U.S., Russia and Europe. 

The Operation GhostShell campaign aims to steal sensitive information about critical assets, organizations’ infrastructure and technology. During the investigation, the Nocturnus Team uncovered a previously undocumented and stealthy RAT (Remote Access Trojan) dubbed ShellClient which was employed as the primary espionage tool. To learn more, listen to the episode.

The research can be found here: