Research Saturday 12.4.21
Ep 211 | 12.4.21

Getting in and getting out with SnapMC.

Show Notes

Guest Christo Butcher of NCC Group's Research and Intelligence Fusion Team discusses their research into a cybercriminal group they dubbed SnapMC. Forget ransomware, too expensive and too much hassle. Randomly enter through a known vulnerability, take a look around, lock away data and leave again. And all that within half an hour: hit & run. An email is then sent to the affected organization: pay or else the stolen data will be published and/or sold.

This is the opportunistic approach of a new group of blackmailers who don't even bother to encrypt data. NCC Group has given them the name SnapMC: a combination of 'snap' (a sudden, sharp cracking sound or movement) and MC, from mc.exe, the primary tool they use to exfiltrate data. They have only seen SnapMC's attacks in the Netherlands for the time being. They do not target specific sectors and we have not (yet) been able to associate them with known attackers.

The research can be found here: