Research Saturday 12.18.21
Ep 213 | 12.18.21

Discovering ChaosDB, a critical vulnerability in the CosmosDB.

Show Notes

Guests Sagi Tzadik and Nir Ohfeld of cloud security company Wiz join Dave to discuss their research "ChaosDB: How we hacked thousands of Azure customers’ databases." Nearly everything we do online these days runs through applications and databases in the cloud. While leaky storage buckets get a lot of attention, database exposure is the bigger risk for most companies because each one can contain millions or even billions of sensitive records. Every CISO’s nightmare is someone getting their access keys and exfiltrating gigabytes of data in one fell swoop.

Database exposures have become alarmingly common in recent years as more companies move to the cloud, and the culprit is usually a misconfiguration in the customer’s environment. In this case, customers were not at fault.

The research can be found here: