Research Saturday 7.9.22
Ep 240 | 7.9.22

Information operations during a war.

Show Notes

Alden Wahlstrom, senior analyst on Mandiant's Information Operations Team, shares a comprehensive overview and analysis of the various information operations activities they’ve seen while responding to the Russian invasion. While the full extent of the Russia-Ukraine war has yet to come to light, more than two months after the start of the invasion, Mandiant has identified activity that they believed to be information operations campaigns conducted by actors possibly in support of the political interests of nation-states such as Russia, Belarus, China, and Iran.

The research shares a chart with all of the known information operations events that have taken place so far, dating back to January of 2022. It also states that following the beginning of the Russian attack, they have seen concerning signs, including "incidents involving the deployment of wiper malware disguised as ransomware."

The research can be found here: