Research Saturday 8.20.22
Ep 246 | 8.20.22

Clipminer: Making millions off of malware.

Show Notes

Dick O'Brien from Symantec, a part of Broadcom Software, joins Dave to discuss how the cyber-criminal operation, Clipminer Botnet, makes operators behind it at least $1.7 million. Symantec's research says "The malware being used, tracked as Trojan.Clipminer, has a number of similarities to another crypto-mining Trojan called KryptoCibule, suggesting it may be a copycat or evolution of that threat."

Symantec determined that the malware has the ability to mine for cryptocurrency using compromised computers’ resources. They also share a way to protect against the cyber-criminal operation, as well as sharing some indicators you could be compromised.

The research can be found here: