Research Saturday 10.22.22
Ep 255 | 10.22.22

New tools target governments in Middle East?

Show Notes

Dick O'Brien from Symantec's Threat Hunter team sits down with Dave to discuss their work on "Witchetty - Group Uses Updated Toolset in Attacks on Governments in Middle East." Their research has found that the group known as Witchetty aka LookingFrog, has been progressively updating its toolset, including the new tool, backdoor Trojan (Backdoor.Stegmap) to launch malware attacks on targets in the Middle East and Africa.

The research states "The attackers exploited the ProxyShell and ProxyLogon vulnerabilities to install web shells on public-facing servers before stealing credentials, moving laterally across networks, and installing malware on other computers. The researchers describe more on the new tool being used and why this new group is a threat.

The research can be found here: