Research Saturday 10.29.22
Ep 256 | 10.29.22

Bugs and working from home.

Show Notes

Federico Kirschbaum from Faraday Security sits down with Dave to discuss their research on "A vulnerability in Realtek's SDK for eCos OS: pwning thousands of routers." The team at Faraday found a vulnerability that made it to DEFCON 30, labeling it high severity. With more and more people working from home for their companies, the research team went looking for where there may be vulnerabilities as employees are working from home.

The research states that the team was "seeking and reporting security vulnerabilities in IoT devices, which led to the finding of an exploitable bug in a consumer-grade router popular in Argentina." They also stated in the research that it was escalating quickly and shares about how protecting home networks is important while working remotely.

The research can be found here: